This is the main page of my new website, "Freedom." Please browse the website using the menu on the left.

If you're interested on the antics of my parents, then click on "Sailing the World." (A new website is in the process of being written. Watch this space (or visit

A gallery of photos from them is being built. You can access what I've put up so far by clicking on "Gallery." I'm also going to supply some links to some random albums I've made on Facebook, just to keep you going whilst I'm busy writing the new, dedicated Swn Y Mor site. They are:
Martha's Vineyard to the Azores; June/July 2006
Me in various places around the world
Me in more various places around the world (note that these are not in any order!)
Lots of photos of Swn Y Mor in different places
A photo log of my trip (by plane) back to Martha's Vineyard. A variety of photos, ranging from flowers to schooners!Album #1 ; Album #2 ; Album #3

Currently, I've taken down my own random, personal website, "Nimlas' Haven," simply because I don't have the time (or webspace) to maintain it at the moment. And since I'll be travelling with my parents this summer, more space will be needed to update the boat-related part of the website.

"Freedom" will bring you back here.